I recently had the privilege of joining Rodger Price at a Wake Up West Coast Chamber event for a presentation on the DoKnowBe Tree. Given that Rodger had thirty minutes to explore the DoKnowBe Tree rather than the several hours typically spent on it in class, he focused on just the Be part of the tree. Alumni will recall that the Be portion of the DoKnowBe tree is the root system. It’s where our beliefs, values, passions, wiring and gifts and voids reside. This is the ground from which our unique design springs, and to “know thyself” is one of the greatest opportunities and challenges for any leader.

I’m happy to share the recording of Rodger’s presentation below. The insights per minute ratio is very strong, and no matter how long it’s been since you’ve considered the DoKnowBe Tree, the video is well worth your time. As I listened to Rodger speak, the importance (and difficulty) of prioritizing values immediately came back to me. I’m curious what will stand out to you, so feel free to leave a note in the comments.

The DoKnowBe Tree at Wake Up West Coast



I hope you’ll enjoy the video as a refresher of this key concept, and that you’ll share it with a leader you respect and that you think would benefit from it. For anyone wanting to better understand their unique design for leadership, this really is a great primer on how Leading by DESIGN works to help leaders better know themselves and lead more effectively and authentically.