Following on the heels of his presentation at the Wake Up West Michigan event put on by the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, Rodger Price has a new essay in the West Coast Way where he casts a bold vision for West Michigan leaders.

If you’ve had a chance to meet Rodger or have experienced LEAD 24/7 for yourself, then you know that this vision of making West Michigan the hotbed of the nation’s best leaders is very near to Rodger’s heart. And Rodger and the Leading by DESIGN team are well on their way to seeing 1,000 leaders in our area graduate from the program.

Three Hallmarks of Great Leadership

As Rodger points out in his article, the three traits or tasks that great leaders possess (and do) are:

  1. Become a leader worth following
  2. Build a great team
  3. Create clarity around the purpose, vision, and values of an organization

How would you evaluate your skill in these areas? Is it something you’re paying attention to on a regular basis?

Taking Personal Balcony Time

Take a few minutes to read the whole article, and let us know what stands out to you. What’s do you find to be the most challenging of these tasks to get consistently right? What practices or rhythms have you found to be most helpful in staying aligned with your purpose, vision, and values?

As leadership coach Jeffrey Boersma has written for us in the past, taking “personal balcony time” in order to get clear and honestly examine yourself, your growth, your setbacks, and your commitments is key:

“Great leaders make sure that they schedule what we call ‘balcony time.’So many things call for our attention at work every day that we can get completely caught up in the day-to-day business of business—what’s happening on the ‘dance floor.’ Getting up in the balcony allows leaders to gain perspective and shape vision.


“Balcony time for your work life is really important. However, balcony time for leading yourself is also really important. In this post I’m going to share with you some practices related to journaling. While this may not be for everyone, journaling can be a very effective way to have personal balcony time: time to gain perspective on life, make sure you are living the vision for life that you’ve established, and confirm that you are living with the end in mind.”

We hope you’re encouraged this week by Rodger’s bold vision for great leadership in West Michigan, and that you make the time to reflect and gain clarity about how you’re doing in these three key areas.

If you’d like to connect with a coach to help you navigate that “balcony time” or to talk with Rodger about our LEAD 24/7 program, don’t hesitate to email us for more information.