Equipped to Lead

Effective leadership means acting in alignment with your own unique design.

Through one-on-one coaching, executive team development, and small group classes, Leading by DESIGN equips leaders across West Michigan with the tools and training to discover and develop their individual blueprint for success.

Long-term Results

Behavior change takes time. Unlike a seminar or weekend retreat, our leadership training programs involve a long-term process. This approach provides leaders ample time to digest, question, practice, and apply concepts.

Practical Application

At Leading by DESIGN, we go beyond teaching concepts and offering tips — we reinforce key learnings through practical application and structured accountability, and we help leaders internalize concepts through on-site learning.

Ongoing Support

Our programs at Leading by DESIGN emphasize ongoing accountability, guidance, and support. In small groups, triads, and one-on-one coaching, leaders are offered a safe place to discuss challenges and receive encouragement.

Paul Duckworth

Engineering Director, Twisthink

“Leading by DESIGN has changed my working definition of leadership. I now have a much clearer model in mind for what my role is and should be as a leader.”

Scott Corley

Director of Engineering, ODL

“If you’re thinking about Lead 24/7 or putting someone through it, do it. I can tell you it’s been life changing for me. I think this was more valuable to me than an MBA program.”

Danielle Herek

HR Director, JR Automation

“LEAD 24/7 reinforced a lot of good practices I’ve been working to implement while introducing me to new concepts that have impacted how I lead and train others to lead. And the one-on-one coaching was amazing.”

Ken Horner

VP of Quality, Gentex

“LEAD 24/7 has really made me more focused on becoming a leader worth following by building a great team and by providing a clear vision of what it is we’re trying to do.”

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