At our annual alumni gathering, NFL quarterback and Holland, Michigan native, Kirk Cousins joined Leading by DESIGN founder Rodger Price to discuss the lessons in leadership he’s gleaned throughout his storied college and pro-football career. Their conversation covered a lot of ground, but you’ll enjoy Kirk’s insights on topics like:

  • team communication
  • becoming a leader worth following
  • overcoming adversity
  • sharing praise and accepting responsibility
  • fostering a strong team chemistry in a diverse environment

This was a conversation rich in insights from both Kirk and Rodger, and we hope you’ll enjoy it and take something away to strengthen your own leadership.


For football buffs, you probably already know that Cousins is one of three NFL quarterbacks to be featured on a new Netflix series called Quarterback. It’s fascinating to watch his interview with Rodger and to then step more inside his world through the Netflix series: training and recovery, family life, and high stakes games. It seems pretty clear that what you see is what you get in terms of Kirk’s character and personality; he’s a goofy, like-able dad who cracks self-deprecating jokes, and works really hard to be excellent. He was also the most hit quarterback in the league last year, and you learn quickly through the series just what it takes for Cousins to be able to sustain himself as a leader: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Do yourself a favor and watch Rodger’s interview, and maybe share it with aspiring athletes and leaders you know.

Leading by DESIGN Alumni Events (past and future)

Last year our alumni were treated to a fantastic presentation by Tracy Brower who’s quite literally written the book on creating the environment for happiness at work. If you never saw her presentation, I’d commend it to you as well. There are some great insights on ways that leaders can help shape their team’s work environment for greater happiness.

As we close in on our goal of 1,000 LEAD 24/7 alumni, it’s a real treat to gather and continue learning together from excellent leaders like Cousins and Dr. Brower. We look forward to these events each year as times to learn and reconnect, and we’d love for you to be a part of them. If you’d like to learn more about how Leading by DESIGN helps leaders discover and lead from their unique design (and gain access to outstanding alumni events like these), please drop us a line.