One of the great perks of being an alumni of LEAD 24/7 is the opportunity to network, and to connect with leaders who share a common language and passion for making west Michigan the nation’s hotbed of the best leaders. At a recent alumni event held at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville, Michigan, Rodger Price shared with alumni about they progress we’re making on our mission of graduating 1,000 leaders who will then touch 10,000 others in west Michigan and beyond. Rodger also introduced Leading by DESIGN’s new managing partner, Elizabeth Rolinski, and shared a timeline for their leadership transition. Elizabeth offered her reflections on working with Rodger and the Leading by DESIGN team, and on teaching LEAD 24/7.

Listen in as Rodger shares about a what’s in store for Leading by DESIGN, how he plans to continue serving under Elizabeth’s leadership, and where we are on the mission to graduate 1,000 leaders.

If you’re interested in learning more about our year-long LEAD 24/7 program, or want to explore opportunities to continue to grow and learn as an alumni, just hit the contact button and we’ll be in touch.