Fellow Leaders,

Reunions are great. We get to enjoy them with you at alumni events as well as one-on-one as many of you have stopped in to say hello (keep doing that!). What I really enjoy is seeing the growth and transformation that has taken place. I’ve seen this so often that recently I decided I had to spend some time identifying what it is that I see in you when we have these reunions. What’s different? What’s changed? 

In today’s blog I want to describe four things I consistently enjoy seeing in you when we have the opportunity to get together. It is amazing how many times I have seen these four things in 365 alumni, and I hope today is a mirror in which you see these things in you as well.

1. You are calm.

Each opportunity that I have to interact with alumni is an experience of being with a person who in increasingly at peace with themselves and at peace with others. Being at peace does not mean NOT improving—It simply means that you have a calm about things—including the process of continuous growth and improvement. LEAD 365 leaders are consistently a non-anxious presence. You are functioning closer to your sweet spot than ever before, and because of that you are far less ruffled by the things that come up.

2. You are confident.

Perhaps the best word I could use to describe LEAD 365 alumni is “poised.” You are definitely more known and knowable by others. It is obvious that the experience of LEAD 365 has resulted in much more in the upper right hand corner box of the Johari window (the “I know, you know” box).  There is a confidence you have that comes with embracing both feedback and self-disclosure. That confidence shines through.

3. You are competent.

You know what you are doing (and actually own up quickly to the times when you don’t know what you are doing!). You have increased abilities to lean into healthy conflict well and have difficult conversations. You talk about how you are developing your teams and the directions in which you are leading them. The chapters of LEAD 365 have become such an integral part of your thinking that when leadership situations arise, you have a vocabulary and categories in which to process and think things through to valuable solutions.

4. You are clear.

Clarity is a wonderful thing. LEAD 365 alumni have developed a clarity around who they are (think DoKnowBe and your root system). You not only know your traits and preferred responses, but you know what passions, beliefs, gifts, values, and wiring are behind them. You know we all have dysfunction, but that knowledge is powerful and helps you realize when you are living that out that in an unhelpful or unhealthy way.  You also know how to best use your time and what things really motivate and de-motivate you—as well as those very things for those you lead.

Like I said, I have seen these four things so consistently that I wanted to take the opportunity in today’s blog to hold a mirror up to you our alumni. We love what we see. We hope you do too!


Image by MikeHawkwind. Used under CC BY 2.0 license.